Millennials vs. Gen Z: How Are They Different?

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Reddington has been escaping into his new girlfriend's life, only to find his life bleeding into — and endangering — hers. If being an international crime lord with a heart of gold is Raymond Reddington's first life on The Blacklistand being a top-secret informant for a top-secret FBI task force is his second life, then being a small-town Lothario who sucks at bridge is his third life. As it turns out, three simultaneously lived lives is just one too many. Because wherever Raymond Reddington goes, there he still is — including when that place is the tiny hometown of a woman he fell in love with in Central Park, who he's since been happily using to escape the reality of lives 1 and 2.

Arrange Friday night, we were treated en route for some extra time with two of the most fascinating characters in the Blacklist extended universe, Dom and Dembe. After all, they're the only erstwhile people in the world who appear to know the answers that Raymond Reddington insists on withholding from Elizabeth Keen. Coincidentally, they also happen en route for be the only two people beyond the Task Force who Elizabeth Acute trusts to have her best interests at heart. And yet she sees no correlation between their knowledge of the truth and their continued allegiance to Red. As a viewer, it's an odd feeling to want the exact same answers that Liz wants — and really, to have hunt them for just as long at the same time as her — and yet feel accordingly completely frustrated by the methods she's taking to get those answers. So as to seemed like a good way en route for get some answers! But then bear in mind when her alleged mother reemerged all the rage her life, lied to her designed for a long time, endangered her descendant, and was super-mean to her… after that then Liz was like, I appreciate how I'll get answers — I'll just piggyback off whatever THIS LADY'S up to! And now Dom is dead, and everyone in the Assignment Force is saying it's Reddington's blame, even though Katarina is the individual who landed him in the hospice, and Lizzie is the one who abducted and interrogated him while all the rage a fragile physical and emotional affirm. Reddington may be at the discernment of this storm, but surely they can see that he's not the one kicking up all the dust?

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