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During its impressive season run on CBS, The Big Bang Theory was one of the most successful sitcoms not only in its time, but also in the history of the format. Millions of people fell in love with Sheldon, Leonard, Penny, and the rest of the cast over the years, and were sad to see the lovable scientists call it a day in May With the show being off the air for a year now, what better time to take a look at some of the most interesting behind the scenes facts. In anticipation of the one-year anniversary of the final episode of The Big Bang TheoryI took a deep dive into the history of Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady's stunning achievement in science-based humor and laughs that everyone can enjoy. From the casting what-ifs to how the catchy theme song came into fruition, I've put together a sampling of some of the best facts I could find about the hit sitcom. Even though The Big Bang Theory would become a show like none other, getting the sitcom off the ground was no easy task for show creators Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady, who originally filmed a pilot to pitch for big networks ina year before the show we all know today first aired.

This animated spoof of reality shows follows the antics of teen contestants who compete for a big cash accolade by enduring outrageous challenges. The campers arrive and learn that instead of chilling in a gorgeous mansion, they'll be spending the next eight weeks at dingy old Camp Wawanakwa. The campers must jump off a above what be usual cliff into shark-infested waters, then bear a cartload of materials back en route for the campgrounds and build a angry tub. The campers face off all the rage an epic awake-a-thon. The campers accept off in a game of dodgeball. After losing two challenges in a row, The Killer Bass are the underdogs and do not expect en route for win. In the most dramatic abolition competition yet, Chef Hatchet votes arrange which team has the most ability and which must send a actor to the Loser Boat.

Body the oldest of three brothers, Common Seo Joon cherishes being a adult bro. His younger brother is conjugal and has a two-year-old daughter. Common Seo Joon says that living abandoned in Seoul made him feel abandoned and that his niece brought absent his desire for warmth of a family. His niece even recognizes him and points him out on Box. Even on his own, he has a great sense of style, judging from his Instagram posts. He mixes basics with standout pieces that accomplish his look just a bit add interesting. He also takes enviable OOTDs that can rival any fashion blogger! It helps that he is a propos 6 feet tall, so he looks like a model off duty arrange normal days.

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