Is 'The One' Real—And How Do I Know If I Found Them?

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It was a positive experience for me, like having an elective surgery performed by a newly licensed family friend and waking up afterward to find that all your limbs still work. I was a legal adult, which I think is less common. My experience was completely consensual, which I know is less common. The notion — that sex is not fit to be written or spoken about plainly; that too much sex makes you a sinful dirtbag; that I, an adult airing the vaguest of details of a sexual encounter, could forfeit respect or a future job — has deep roots in Greek philosophy and, of course, Christianity. But modern interpretations of traditional Jewish thought participate in this idea, too. In fact, from black hats to bat mitzvah tutors, when it comes to sexual ethics, Jews in modern times have created a noxious blend — the vagaries of rabbinic thought with the sex-hating Calvinism innate in Western culture. The idea that indulging in sexual desires is bad or unhealthy is not a morally grounded belief; it is a superstition. It is not based in science, it is based in hysteria. And the refusal to teach people that enjoying sex is normal is an affront to the sanctity of the human body.

Femininity is a touchy subject - not least among Israel's highly conservative ultra-Orthodox Jews. But an Orthodox therapist after that an Orthodox teacher in Jerusalem allow co-written a sex guide aimed distinctively at this community. There used en route for be a sex shop on the way to David Ribner's office all the rage central Jerusalem. The sign is allay there - with big red letters spelling out Sex Shop, Sex, Adoration - but you can barely announce it because it's been scratched absent. The shop went out of affair. Now there's just one sex construction left in Jerusalem. No surprise designed for a city brimming with the devout.

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