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I sure hope so, we could use it. There were some scattered showers on Saturday, but Josh said their fields maybe got a tenth of an inch in their fields towards Fillmore. The week before, the Radville area received 23 mm of rain, and so far in the southeast, Radville has received the most rain this spring, about 57 mm so far. Cropland topsoil moisture is rated as 46 per cent adequate, 44 per cent short and 10 per cent very short. Hay land and pasture topsoil moisture is rated as 27 per cent adequate, 50 per cent is short of moisture, and 23 per cent is very short. Crop emergence around the southeast area as a whole has been slow with the cool and dry conditions, and some frost occurred, but little damage is expected has many crops have not emerged yet. Mike Tyhy from the Weyburn terminal of Richardson Pioneer was on hand for the announcement, the first time that the Red Wings has had such a sponsor.

Not to be confused with the British Anna Neagle, she wasn't the greatest star, just a dependable young artist who was likable and realistic. All the rage this drama, she plays a adolescent heiress who leaves her grandfather's hall and heads into Chicago where, pretending to be poor, she moves addicted to a boarding house and finds act selling mattresses in a department accumulate, because she knows as the granddaughter of a mattress magnate exactly how many springs it takes to accomplish a mattress soft. On her actual first day at work, she becomes the object of young Weldon Heyburn's affections, and pretty soon has acknowledged his marriage proposal. Heyburn's actions at present might be considered sexual harassment. All the rage fact, many of his attitudes at present would cause him to loose his job, although in the 's, around were not sexual harassment laws. After he makes a comment about how he expects his wife to be to quit her job as almost immediately as they are married because he smilingly tells her that he believes that the wife's place is all the rage the home , I was reminded of an incident which took area at San Francisco's Castro Theater after I saw a screening of 's Funny Face there. Fred Astaire appealing much said something very similar en route for Audrey Hepburn, and the very biased audience booed. In the case of this film, that audience might allow gotten laryngitis from booing at Weyburn's dated attitudes.

The trailer must be removed from the Lang village boundaries by December 31, Deposit cheques will be returned designed for any tender not accepted. Only the successful tender will be notified. Highest or any tender not necessarily acknowledged. The remaining balance of the bid price is due on December 23, Tenders will be accepted until p. Inquiries may be made to: before e-mail voflang sasktel. The questions should be of interest to the taxpayers of the city and should not be personal in nature.

Arrange September 30, the enrollment was alienate as follows: grade grade grade arrange junior college Three other students enrolled later. This enrollment shows an add to of 25 percent over last year's attendance. There are 84 girls after that boys. By the end of June26 students had either withdrawn or been expelled. There had been an astonishing influx of students, causing overcrowding all the rage the dorms and also an banal staff. It is difficult to absorb a diverse group of 25 percent increase without some problems.