9 Things to Keep in Mind When Dating a Person With a Disability

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Indeed, this very constellation of characteristics contains qualities which are seen by many to be contradictory. In a conservative, patriarchal world view, women cannot be competent, capable, and strong and at the same time, attractive and loveable. How then do women who are born with disabilities, or develop them later in life, imagine their own strengths, learn to love themselves and others and express their full potential? If we can learn to feel good about ourselves, everything else will fall into place.

Dating with a disability requires patience after that a heart encased in steel, accordingly it can take a long age to work up the courage en route for do so. It took years en route for feel comfortable using the word disabled in association with myself, let abandoned dating confidently with the label close. I am still navigating the waters every day. Approximately 61 million adults in the United States have a disability —increasing to one billion globally—so I am far from alone. According to clinical and health psychologist Kaley Roosen, Ph.