Why did men stop wearing high heels?

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We may earn money from the links on this page. They're tucked away in our smelly socks all day and we kind of hate them. I have friends that can't even say the word foot. I've always seen my feet as something that take me from one place to the next, and that's about it.

Analyse author Nicholas Gueguen in the administrative area of social behavior at the Academe of Bretagne conducted three experiments using French women identically dressed in black suits with straight skirts and ashen shirts. The only differences between the women were their shoes. In the series of experiments, Gueguen dangled the women as science bait in abut of unsuspecting men. First, the women—wearing either black flats with no heel, black shoes with a 2 crawl heel or black pumps with a 3.

Attractive, provocative, sexy - high heels can be all these things and add, but even their most ardent fans wouldn't claim they were practical. They're no good for hiking or compelling. They get stuck in things. Women in heels are advised to adjourn off the grass - and additionally ice, cobbled streets and posh floors. And high heels don't tend en route for be very comfortable. It is about as though they just weren't calculated for walking in. Originally, they weren't. Good horsemanship was essential to the fighting styles of Persia - the historical name for modern-day Iran.

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