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Link Unfortunately, being a woman in today's society can often be a harrowing, scary and anxiety-fuelled experience. Simply just existing in public spaces gives people, often men, the impression that they can invade our personal space to catcall, hit on us, or even worse, get aggressive when we stand up for ourselves. The last two times I've tried to have some peaceful alone time in broad daylight, I've had to leave the entire park early because I keep getting approached by men who don't leave me alone unless I make an excuse to go. I didn't think twice about it because I've never seen parents with children as a threat. He ended up approaching me with his baby and asked me some questions about the birds and seemed friendly. I was expecting he just wanted to show his baby the wildlife and then he would move on and leave me be.

All of them had participated in a lot of of jazz's great moments and altogether shared the ability, documented on a lot of albums, to inspire their fellow musicians to even greater heights. On this album Is That So? He served as a leader on more than 30 albums and played as a sideman on more than other recordings. In the early '70s he educated jazz history and improvisation at Southern Illinois University before resuming his calling as a recording artist. He after that toured with Sam Cooke and would later go on to work along with Curtis Mayfield. The album was bent by John Hicks and Timeless Records owner Wim Wigt and is a remarkable outing of advanced musicianship as a result of three jazz-giants in their prime, delivering an inspirational gem of an autograph album. Is That So? Expect supercharged Boundary marker Bop with striking notes, no-holds-barred musicianship, high swinging solos, screaming choruses after that plenty of solid virtuosity to additional.

Advance say, Doin' you right Yeah Examination movies, but we ain't seein' a thing tonight Yeah I don't wanna keep you up You up Although show me, can you keep it up? It up 'Cause then I'll have to keep you up Shit, maybe I'ma keep you up, child I've been drinking coffee I've been drinking coffee; coffee And I've been eating healthy I've been eating healthy; healthy Know I keep it high-pitched, yeah Know I keep it high-pitched Saving up my energy Yeah, yeah, saving up my energy Chorus Be able to you stay up all night? It up 'Cause then I'll have en route for keep you up Shit, maybe I'ma keep you up, boy I've been drinking coffee Said I've been consumption coffee; coffee And I've been consumption healthy And I've been eating healthy; healthy Know I keep it high-pitched, yeah Except this wine, babe Cutback up my energy Yeah, yeah, yeah Chorus Can you stay up altogether night? All night Fuck me 'til the daylight Daylight Thirty-four, thirty-five Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Can you adjourn up all night? Can you stay? Fuck me 'til the daylight Be able to you stay?

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