The Little Things

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Sometimes you are the dirty little secret. This is never the title afforded to the primary source that we have chosen. It is those who are secondary sources who find themselves labelled in this way. Do you have a friend who makes demands of your time, often calls you and ensures that you give up your time so he or she is able to tell you all about what they have been doing, obtain your advice and uses you as a sounding board? Does this person tell you all about the brilliant weekend or she has just had with a group of other friends at some weekend away or at a concert but somehow no invitation came your way? Do you perhaps politely and subtly ask whether you can attend some forthcoming event which this friend is enthusiastically telling you about, maybe even gloating about how brilliant it will be, but this friend shows all of the perception of a plank of wood and never picks up on your hints? I am sure you told me that you did. Dont you remember? These people are our inner circle.

Flavour 1 Release year: A nutritionist gets entangled in a series of misunderstandings with her new chaebol boss -- who turns out to be a big cheese she slept with in the ancient. Episode 1 48m Jin Wook, a rich playboy set to inherit his dad's company, has a chance bump into with Yoo Mi, who has add modest ambitions to become a nutritionist. Three years later, she achieves her goal of becoming a nutritionist. Affair 3 48m Yoo Mi struggles en route for meet the unreasonable demands of her boss. When she goes to act contrite to him for a harsh communication, she runs into someone unexpected. A long time ago there, Dong accidentally breaks an classy jewelry box.