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Our Rules
This is a family-friendly Christian Fellowship board, and the Bible serves as our source for community rules.
If you have questions about any of these rules please contact a moderator for clarification.

No profanity or vulgarity - Do not curse or use coarse language. Attempts to circumvent the language filter will result in posting rights being removed (Eph 4:29)

No links to immoral sites or graphic posts - Links to sites that contain sexual content, graphic images, profanity, gratuitous violence, promote sin or is not appropriate for minors shouldn't be posted. (Ps 101:3; 1 Thes 4:7)

No blasphemy - While we welcome discussion on matters of Christianity by those who do not share our faith, we ask that they respect our beliefs and remain in the Apologetics forum, which was created for that purpose. Mocking our God, beliefs or members, baiting, inflammatory or sarcastic posts, will result in a loss of posting privileges. (Matt 15:17-20)

No cultic material - This is a Christian message board. Teaching that does not agree with the Bible is not to be promoted. This includes, but is not limited to, Mormon, Jehovah Witness, Scientology, Christian Identity, New Age, Shepherd's Chapel, Sacred Name Movements, and Seventh Day Advent teaching. Those who adhere to these beliefs are welcome to discuss Christianity in the Apologetics forum. (Gal 1:6-8)

No trolling or fighting for the sake of fighting - While we encourage our members to test all things, arguing for no reason other than to cause strife will result in the loss of posting privileges. (Pro 17:19; Matt 12:36)

No Name Calling Or Personal Insults - Name-calling and insulting a person is unChrist-like, unnecessary, uncalled for and will result in a loss of posting privileges. (Eph 4:29)

Do Not Be Abusive To Other Posters - Study, discussion and defending the truth of God's Word is strongly encouraged but rebuke those you disagree with in a spirit of gentleness as the Bible commands. If you find it impossible to get along with the members of this board, do not rant and rave (becoming what's known as a "drama queen"), simply consider finding another board that better suits your taste. (Gal 6:1)

No copyrighted material - The posting of articles must be limited to a few opening sentences and the link, to a max of 1/3 of the article, for any and all copyrighted material, unless we receive notification from the copyright holder that it may be posted here in full (official Government sites are considered Public Information). This will apply to all material posted here: news articles, commentaries, and pictures. News items and commentaries from subscription based services can not be posted. This includes archived news items that are fee based or require subscriptions as well as for-pay newsletters sent out by various ministries. When in doubt about whether or not something is copyrighted it's best to err on the side of caution or check with the admin team. Posts are subject to editing or removal without notice if they do not meet this criteria.

No selling of products or soliciting - Because of the anonymity of the internet, and our limited ability to verify the legitimacy of each individual, product, business, ministry or claim, selling products and requesting solicitations of any kind is prohibited.

No hotlinking images - Hotlinking, also known as bandwidth theft, involves posting images stored on a website you don't own or control. Linking to images stored on a website you do own or control is allowed provided the images are family friendly.

No dispensing medical advice - While we understand that those who may try to offer medical advice have good intentions, we cannot allow medical advice to be offered due to a number of potential liability reasons. If you are having a health problem serious enough to motivate you to seek help on this board, then we urge you to call your physician (or 911, if the situation is emergent) and seek professional face-to-face evaluation.

Loose Lips Sink Ships - Any information regarding a scheduled deployment of military personal is to be treated as classified until such a time as it is released via the media to the general public. Information such as company name/ship, dates, bases and cities should not be posted until a reliable media source (national or local) has released this information for public knowledge.

Regarding Specific Forum Rules - Certain forums may employ rules specific to that forum. Please read any pinned threads in a forum that are related to the rules before posting. Posting in any forum is an acknowledgment of intent to follow board rules.

Regarding Issues With The Admin Team - The Admin Team serves this ministry on a voluntary basis. They are human beings and make mistakes. Please respect the job that they are here to do, and take any concerns to them in the Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Complaints? forum, PM or via the 'Report to Mod' system. Your concerns will be discussed and they will be addressed. Please note that the admin team will not address account information on the board.

Regarding Spam - Spamming forums, mass PMing or emailing multiple members of this forum unsolicited and with the same message is considered abuse of the site and can result in posting rights being removed.

Regarding Discussions - Attack the argument, not the person. Please remember that disagreeing with an opinion or doctrine is not a personal attack.

No Date Speculation - Date setting that does not come to pass hurts our credibility, can harm the faith of newer Christians and is not permitted. Date speculation includes predictions regarding the return of Christ on any day, month, year, or holiday (including any Jewish Holidays). (Matt 25:13)

No Antichrist or False Prophet Speculation - As with date speculation, making predictions regarding the identity of the Antichrist and/or the False Prophet hurts our credibility and can harm the faith of newer Christians when they do not come to pass. While both may be alive today, their identity will not be revealed until during the Tribulation, not before. Because of these things, as well as the fact that Scripture says that both are condemned, speculating over their identity is irresponsible, unproductive and not permitted. (2 Thes 2:3-8)

No Speculation on the Cause of Natural Disasters - There is a lot of speculation about these kinds of events being specific judgments from God for one reason or another, in response to things that governments, societies, or individuals have done or not done. Past experience has shown that such discussion quickly deteriorates and fails to bring honor to Christ. Speculation cannot provide proof, and proof doesn't consist of attempting to find a relationship between the timing of isolated or random natural disasters and political, economic, or religious action taken or not taken by governments, societies, or individuals.

No Arguing End-Times Positions Outside of the Rapture Discussion Forum - This is a pre-trib message board. While we invite people of all prophetic interpretations to post here, those who wish to discuss a position other than pre-trib are to post only in Rapture Discussion forum, which was opened specifically for that purpose.

No Re-posting From Other Message Boards - What goes on with other message boards is none of our concern. Do not post conversations from other message boards.

Do Not Judge In An Unrighteous Manner - Determining that someone is less of, or not truly a Christian because of a perceived lack of spiritual gifts, worship style, observance or non-observance of holidays, because they are divorced or remarried, because of their political affiliation, they are experiencing various trials, or because you feel that someone who confesses they are saved by grace through faith in Christ, isn't, is not judging righteously. All members are encouraged to examine and judge doctrine held by other members in light of Biblical truth, but their salvation is a matter to be judged by Christ. (Jhn 7:24; Mat 7:1-2; Jhn 5:25-29)

This message board operates with a limited staff. It isn't possible to read every post. If you see a board violations please report it.